Next One Is a Babe

Chapter 1950

Chapter 1950

Cindy hadn’t expected Gary to ask her out, and she took a look at the time. There was a lot of time left until she had to be back at work, so she took him up on his offer. “Sure. Hold on, I’ll come out immediately.” After ending the call, Cindy tidied her appearance before going down to the main entrance of the company. The lady from the front desk greeted Cindy as she got down.

Although Gary’s connections caused me a lot of trouble among my colleagues, I have to say, it has given me quite some benefits, Cindy thought. For example, when Serena was pointing out my flaws in the draft I showed her, she didn’t seem too stern. I saw how she talked to her other apprentices yesterday—she looked way scarier then. I bet she’s only nice to me for the sake of Gary.

Cindy hurried out of the lobby to find Gary’s car parked at the entrance. He had wound down his window and was looking in her direction. When he saw her coming out, he waved at her. She hurried over and stopped next to the car door, then bent down and looked at Gary through the window. “Mr. Frye.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Get in.”

Cindy seemed to hesitate for a moment, but she opened the door and got in in the end. Gary drove the car a slight distance away. “There are a lot of people in your company. You don’t want to start any rumors,” he explained.

“Yeah. I understand.” Cindy nodded. After that, Gary began asking if Cindy encountered any problems at work. Cindy couldn’t tell Gary about all of the issues she was facing, so she told him what she said to Ian the night before. Then, she hesitated for a moment before asking, “Mr. Frye, did you use your connections to get me into this place? My skills wouldn’t have been enough to get me into Paramount Group.” novelbin

Gary chuckled. “Don’t look down on yourself like that. You’re just inexperienced. Focus on developing yourself. I’m sure you’re as good as the other apprentices.” Although he didn’t admit it, Cindy pretty much got the answer she wanted. He really is the one who helped me.

Cindy was really thankful to him. “Thank you. I’ll make full use of this opportunity.”

“Okay. If you face any issues at work, you can always let me know. I don’t have other abilities, but I can help you out with your issues at work,” he offered.

Cindy couldn’t bear to reject him after hearing all the nice words he said. She simply smiled and nodded before thanking him. However, she was actually worried that Gary would talk to her company’s boss again. She had already received enough care in the company and didn’t need more people to look after her.

Gary hadn’t had his lunch, and he intended to have it with Cindy. However, there wasn’t much time left, and Cindy didn’t have enough time to have a meal. So, they had no choice but to call it off. Cindy insisted on buying him a meal some other day.

“It’s really nothing. Both of you shouldn’t be so nice to me,” he said with a laugh.

Cindy froze. “What?”

“Your boyfriend called me last night to thank me for helping you. Honestly, you guys don’t have to be so nice to me. I just put in a good word or two, and I really didn’t do much else. I feel rather self-conscious to have you guys thanking me all the time,” Gary uttered in a gentle and friendly tone.

Cindy immediately focused on one particular point he made. “Are you saying that Ian called you yesterday?”

Gary nodded. “Didn’t you know?” His expression turned rather blank and helpless. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have brought this up.”

She shook her head. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

He nodded and took a look at his watch. “Okay. It’s time for you to go back to work, so you should leave now,” he urged. Cindy got out of Gary’s car. Seeing that she wasn’t far from her company, she decided that she would walk over.

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