Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Chapter 985

Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Unbeatable Opponent

The three of them returned to the hotel where Gerald stayed. When they arrived, Gerald found that no one else was in the room except Hector.

“Where are they?” Gerald asked with his brows knitted.

“Jacob and Triston took them out shopping. It’s their first time in this world. They won’t leave until tomorrow anyway. Just let them go out for a walk and get to know the world in the meantime!” Hector said.

“Are there enough golorbs?” Valery asked with a frown.

Gerald kept some of the golorbs in the City of Phoenix, but he had spent most of the remaining. Now, he only had around 3 million left.

“It’s enough!” Hector smiled and said, “I don’t usually spend much money.”

“Get ready. I’m afraid we have to leave here earlier,” Gerald said in a deep voice. “You know, the core area of the Underground Palace needs the Dragon Bone and Phoenix Bone as keys to open it. The longer we stay here, the more dangerous it will be.”

Hector was slightly surprised. “Is there such a thing? Then let’s hurry up and go!”

Gerald nodded and said to the phone, “Contact…”

Beep, beep, beep.

Before Gerald could finish his sentence, his phone rang. At the same time, a robotic voice rang in Gerald’s ears. “It’s a call from Ms. Cat. Do you want to answer it?”

Gerald gave Valery and Carolyn a look, signaling them to contact Triston and ask him to come back. Then, he walked to a secluded place and answered the phone, “Hello, Ms. Cat, long time no see!” novelbin

On the other end of the phone, Ms. Cat’s voice was soft and solemn. “Hurry up and leave Ries City. Leave immediately. Your identity has been exposed.”

Gerald’s heart skipped a beat. “Who exposed it?”

“A man named Skyler Mahoney,” Ms. Cat replied. “I can’t talk now. Leave quickly. Someone is already coming for you. You have to be fast. The person who is coming to you is definitely not someone you can resist. Even if you are already a supreme flame Decayer, you can’t resist him.”

Gerald’s expression changed. “I got it!”

He hung up the phone and rushed into the room. “Hurry up and leave!”

“What’s wrong?” Hector and Valery asked confusedly at the same time.

“Ms. Cat called and told me Skyler sold us off,” Gerald said with a gloomy face. “That jerk is not trustworthy!”

Skyler was a tactful person. Gerald thought he was pitiful before, but even a tactful person couldn’t help it when presented with enough benefits.

“Inform Triston and the others to wait where they are! We’ll go straight over and pick them up,” Gerald said.

“They drove a car out,” Hector reminded

“Then inform Triston to leave Ries City and wait for us at the city gate. Move the things down first!” Gerald prompted

They quickly moved everything everyone had put in the hotel to the parking lot. They didn’t even bother about the check-in procedures. The four of them drove quickly towards the entrance of Ries City, intending to leave the place.

Soon, the car arrived at the entrance of Ries City. Triston and the others were standing there. When he saw Gerald and the rest, Triston quickly approached them and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Get in the car and leave this place first. I’ll tell you the details later, Gerald said.

Triston nodded.

The two hover cars started, and they left Ries City right away.

When they left, two figures slowly emerged at the entrance of the city gate. “They really are planning to go to

the City of Phoenix.” Ms. Cat said with a slight smile with a cat in her arms.

“Remember what you promised me.” After saying that, she looked at the figure next to her.

The figure didn’t say much. He shuffled his feet slightly and quickly followed Gerald.

When he walked out, a dozen black figures followed him out of Ries City.

“I’m sorry, Gerald!” Ms. Cat sighed. “I need something from Underground Palace.”

The two hover cars quickly dashed through the wilderness.

For some reason, Gerald felt uneasy.

About ten minutes after leaving Ries City, Gerald suddenly felt a dark shadow flicker past him. In the next moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of their car.

With one hand pressed against the front of the hover car, Gerald felt that the car seemed to have encountered a huge resistance and stopped abruptly.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Triston’s car also stopped quickly next to them.

The car door opened, and Gerald jumped out of the car with his sword.




Dark shadows flashed around them one after another. Soon, the two cars were surrounded from all directions

Gerald jumped out of the car, followed by Triston and the others.

At that moment, Gerald felt like his head was about to explode.

Looking around, he saw around twenty figures wearing the same black attire.

Most importantly, these twenty or so figures were all Flare Decayers and above. Furthermore, there were seven supreme Flame Decayers!

The other crucial thing was that the middle-aged man in front of Gerald, who had stopped their car, gave Gerald an unfathomable feeling. Gerald could not feel the man’s aura at all!

This meant that the man was way more powerful than Gerald.

Gerald had experienced this feeling twice before.

One time was when he met the head of the Pierce family, and the other time was when he met Alcoholic.

These two, without a doubt, were truly top-notch masters.

Now, the middle-aged man in front of Gerald also gave him such a feeling. At this moment, Gerald felt goosebumps all around.

It’s hopeless!

Gerald was truly desperate!

He felt that even at the level he was in now, he probably wouldn’t even have the chance to make a move!

This middle-aged man, dressed in black, had a square face with a mustache. He also had a tall figure and looked strong.

“So, you’re Gerald?” he asked with a quivering beard as he looked at Gerald.

“No, I’m not. You’ve got the wrong person,” Gerald quickly denied.

Next to them, Theo and the others had all come down. At this time, Theo and the others felt the cruelty of this world!

On Earth, they were at the level of peak Half-Step Flame Decay, ranked at the top. However, none of the

people they met here were weaker than them.

They held the knives in their hands tightly and were ready to fight at any time.

“I promised a person that I wouldn’t kill you.” Square Face didn’t care if Gerald denied it. He just said faintly,

“The owner of Dragon Bone and Phoenix Bone will stay, and the others can leave.”

“Dragon Bone and Phoenix Bone?” Gerald continued to pretend to be dumb and said, “You must have mistaken me for someone else. If I had the Dragon Bone and Phoenix Bone, I would have gone to the Eight Forces long ago…”


Suddenly, the man’s body in front of Gerald twisted his body. In the next moment, Square Face reached the side and grabbed Audrey’s throat.

“Either you stay and let them leave, or I’ll kill everyone except the one with Dragon Bone and Phoenix Bone.” Square Face said indifferently. He was like a machine without any expression on his face.

“Stop! I admit it!” Gerald was horrified and said loudly, “I can go with you, but… I hope you let everyone else go. I have Dragon Bone, but…”

“I’m the owner of Phoenix Bone.” At this moment, Carolyn stood up and said faintly, “We’ll go with you!”

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