The Legendary Man

The Legendary Man Chapter 1062

The Legendary Man Chapter 1062

The Legendary Man Chapter 1062-“Awoo!”

Howl after howl filled the air.

That was the unique way of communication between the werewolf warriors.

Only a small number of werewolf warriors from Remdik had arrived. After all, the werewolves had infiltrated every city in Eshistan for the sake of completing the first stage of their mission.

Hence, it was impossible for them all to gather at Kransbay’s base at the same time even if it was time for the second stage of their mission to commence.

Horbah’s werewolf warriors were the first to reach, and at present, there were less than fifty werewolf warriors who had arrived outside Kransbay’s base.

That was why Kane, Zachary, and the others dared to confront their enemies with the werewolf warriors.

The sun was rising in the east and casting a warm blanket over the cold land.

However, what followed after the first few rays of dawn that represented hope was a merciless slaughter.

“Pay attention to this! Our werewolf cultivators have a yellow ribbon on their left hand and warning lights on their shoulders!” Rebecca announced to her snipers before pulling the trigger of her sniper rifle.

With her precision, she could accurately strike a werewolf’s heart from a distance of two thousand meters, so hitting her targets within a range of less than a thousand meters was certainly within her capabilities.

Two werewolf warriors lunged at Zachary in a frenzy, but suddenly, blood sprayed in the air. One of the werewolf warriors had half of his head shot off.

Both Zachary and the surviving werewolf leaped back in shock.

Only then did the sound of the gunshot finally travel into his ear.

“God, could you please tell me that you’re going to fire?” Zachary muttered under his breath before charging toward the surviving werewolf with a wry smile, brandishing his saber.

Rebecca’s sneer came from the other end of the receiver.

“Don’t worry. If my aim goes astray, I’ll be the one to compose your epitaph.”

Upon hearing Rebecca’s words, Kane quietly added another layer of spirit shield for himself.

For the first time in his life, he regretted being able to speak.

As he separated his palms, a crackling bolt of blue lightning materialized between them.

Before the three werewolves who were approaching him could reach him, their fur bristled.

“Die, pests!” Kane bellowed before speeding ahead and transforming into a blue ray of light, leaving behind the charred corpse of a werewolf in his wake.

It was an electric spiritual root—something that was on par with Pryncyp according to ancient texts.

People who possessed it could gather the power of electricity right after they started their path of cultivation. In other words, they were rare cultivation geniuses.

If such a rare asset like Kane appeared around two thousand years ago, all the forces in Chanaea would have been scrambling to win him over and make him their disciple.

Alas, no one was interested in Kane in the current time period, for his cultivation technique had been lost to time.

Furthermore, the balance of nature had shifted. Pryncyp was now the ultimate power for cultivators.

Apotheosis was no longer the end goal of the current society.

Kane took advantage of his speed to get rid of two werewolves.

However, even though the power of electricity was mighty, it was exhausting to use it.

Kane visibly slowed down after killing the second werewolf, and that gave the other werewolf beside him the chance to strike.

That werewolf jumped and swung its sharp claw at Kane’s back.

Blood sprayed everywhere, and Kane widened his eyes in shock before jumping ahead, belatedly dodging the assault.

A huge chunk of flesh on his back was torn off by the claw, but when he turned around, he saw that a long sword had pierced the werewolf’s chest.

The werewolf collapsed and revealed the bloody-faced Andy standing behind him.

Panting violently, Andy slowly pulled his long sword out of the werewolf.

“Keep fighting if you can, but if you can’t, then scram. You’ve only killed three werewolves, but you’re already tired. You’re an embarrassment to Asura’s Office.”

Kane deftly tossed a bottle into the air, shattering it midair and allowing the medicinal powder to coat the wound on his back.

“Stop being so full of yourself, Andy! If you’re upset about this, let’s compete and see who’ll kill more werewolves this—”


Before Kane was done saying his piece, he heard a wolf’s howl on the ridge opposite them.

Upon hearing the howl, the werewolf warriors engaged in combat with Asura’s Office’s werewolves swiftly withdrew from the fight without a single ounce of hesitation.

There were only less than fifty Remdikian werewolf vanguard, and dozens of them were already killed by Rebecca’s team of snipers as soon as they closed in on their enemies.

Now that they were up against Asura’s Office team of werewolves which were larger in number compared to them, the Beta Warrior leading the Remdikian werewolf warriors decided to order a retreat.

Hastily, the werewolf warriors retreated and gathered behind the Beta Warrior on the ridge.

“There are almost twenty werewolf warriors left,” Zachary uttered with a frown as he gazed in the direction of the ridge.

“How many of us have died?”

“Three werewolf warriors have died on the field. One has suffered grievous injuries, and three have sustained minor injuries,” Kane informed as he looked at the report in his hands.

At that moment, Kane and Andy were no longer messing with each other as they dutifully worked as Zachary’s deputies.

Turning to look at the Beta Warrior, Zachary noted that the former was far larger and seemed mightier than the other werewolf warriors.

“Is that their alpha wolf?” he mumbled under his breath.

“Rebecca, kill him!”

Right as those words were out of Zachary’s mouth, a tiny spark exploded on the alpha wolf’s shield.

That was the power of a sniper rifle’s bullet, and it made the alpha wolf stagger.

However, he soon regained his balance after taking half a step backward.

Multiple shots ensued, but the alpha wolf stood steadily on the ridge, unfazed by the bullets.

At the same time, the werewolf warriors behind him brought up their shields and let out howls.

Zachary tightened his grip on his saber. “They’re waiting for someone!” he said.

Someone exclaimed in the team’s shared channel of communication as soon as Zachary finished talking. novelbin

“This is Kransbay’s garrison command central. A large number of werewolf cultivators have swarmed into Kransbay—no less than a hundred. They’re all rushing toward Kransbay’s base. Please ready your defenses! I repeat—”

When the urgent voice rang out in the earpiece, Kane and the others grimaced.

As it turned out, the dozens of werewolf warriors didn’t recklessly charge into the battlefield without a strategy.

Instead, they were surveying the battlefield to avoid major loss on their side.

Zachary tapped his earpiece’s button and said, “Attention, Kransbay’s base. This is Zachary Lint, the commander-in-chief. There is a large number of Grandmaster Realm cultivators headed toward us. Please prep yourself for close-range combat. Snipers and artillery units will switch to plan B. Low- leveled cultivators, fall back. Array operators and others will join the heavy artillery operators. Everyone, including the werewolf warriors, retreat to the second and third line of defense at the first sign of danger. There is no need to secure the first line of defense at all costs. Remember, do not engage in direct confrontation!”

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